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Bring back the classic rusticity of wood grains back to life by having hardwood furniture refinished. We specialize in a wide variety of finishes for antique, wood, and metal furniture including distressed finishes. See how we restore antique furniture and make contemporary pieces look like new again.

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Take your pick from thousands of fabric selections and upholstery styles available. We offer customizable solutions to every piece of furniture that you wish to reupholster, repair, or rebuild. Discover more fabric ideas for your revival pieces.

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Have furniture designed, restyled, or built to your specifications. Let our designers and master carpenters build cabinets, bookcases, mantels, and a wide variety of home furniture to your liking. We also repurpose old and worn furniture.

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Tired of the way your once-favorite living room accent piece now looks? Give it another shot with a radical redesign by our master furniture designers and craftsmen. We do repairs, fabricate missing pieces, and restyle furniture.

Redesign Pieces

Restore Wonderful

  • Surface Glamour

    Clear away the scratches and blemishes from your wood, metal, and leather furniture. Find new finishes to bring back their original, elegant luster.

  • Comfort and Style

    Restore weathered pieces in home living areas to their old glory. Enjoy the old, gracious blend of comfort and style anew with reupholstered furniture.

  • Functionality

    Let us help maximize the multiple functions of your furniture again. Turn them in for repairs, restorations, or touch-ups. We’ll recreate the missing pieces as necessary.

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Home furnishing choices are largely personal ones that you make to evoke preferences that reveal what you’re all about. Tell us what you like and we’ll create furniture pieces that you wish to have in your own home.

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New Lease
on Life


It’s more expensive to buy low-cost, disposable furniture again and again than to restore classic ones that truly deserve to be given a second chance. We offer you the following money-saving alternatives:

  • Repair
  • Caning
  • Regluing
  • Veneer Work
  • Laminate Work
  • Touch-ups
  • Missing Piece Fabrication
Find Solutions

One-of-a-Kind Creations

Why go for the usual store-bought furnishings that often do not match your room’s design inspirations? With us, you can have furniture customized to your liking. Get in touch with Second Chance Furniture and tell us about your design ideas.